AcaMedic is a group of enthusiastic young people who want to support you, the medical Vietnamese staff, in English communication with colleagues and patients around the world comfortably, confidently, and fluently. At the same time, the AcaMedic team also helps medical staff update their expertise, improve their skills, and develop their potential through learning and practicing specialized English.


  • Connecting Vietnamese medical staff with countries in the region and around the world through specialized English communication.
  • Accompanying medical staff to discover their own potential.
  • The world’s integration.


Provide different types of exercises, including theory and practice, to help students improve their awareness of specialized English. With a team of professional teachers, continuous monitoring throughout the learning process and timely and detailed comments helps students improve their ability to use specialized English, reaching out to the world.

ACAMEDIC ENGLISH Unique selling point

  • Companion – small class, follow up closely with students, support students inside and outside the classroom when possible.
  • Learning goes hand in hand with practice – a variety of exercises, constantly changing, as well as regular classroom practice.
  • Personalize the learning experience – give detailed feedback and comments to each student, help students understand their strengths and improve their weaknesses.
  • Network – create and expand a circle of networks among healthcare workers, form a community of mutual support, share opportunities and mutual experiences.


  • Experienced lecturers studying and teaching in the US, have expertise as well as strong English skills.
  • Unique curriculum, combined with many prestigious documents in the medical world.
  • Diverse form of exercises, constantly updated.
  • Small class (8-10), students are closely monitored, commented on and supported continuously.
  • The teacher always accompanies the students.